STEPN GO: Dive into Gameplay & New Game Modes

Goodbye Comfort & Resilience, Hello Charm & Karma!

Col Jung
12 min readMay 30, 2024

This is the 2nd article in a multi-part series on STEPN GO. See Part 1 here.

The newly announced STEPN GO overhauls almost every aspect of STEPN.

GO simplifies onboarding, introduces the ability to lend out your sneakers, enhances gameplay variety, fortifies tokenomics, and adds long-awaited social elements that will tie into FSL’s future AR/VR web3 social roadmap.

I gave my initial thoughts here.

Today, we’re diving into GO’s gameplay, focusing on its four game modes. What’s changed, what’s new, and what am I most excited about?

Game Modes

FSL has substantially boosted gameplay variety and depth in STEPN GO, offering four distinct game modes that are now rich and independent enough to stand on their own feet.

In fact, players must pick a gameplay mode before starting a GO session:

  1. GGT: Earn GGT (Go Game Token), STEPN GO’s game token.
  2. Mystery Box: Hunt for Raw Stones that can be cut…