STEPN GO: A New Chapter in the Move-and-Earn Revolution — My Initial Thoughts

Huge updates, but why are some concerned?

Col Jung
5 min readMay 26, 2024

This is the 1st article in a multi-part series on STEPN GO. See Part 2 here.

STEPN, the market-leading move-and-earn lifestyle app that onboarded a staggering 1 million daily active users in its first year of launch in 2022, has announced STEPN GO. But GO is more than just an update — it’s a brand-new standalone product and app.

And not everyone is pleased.

While the broader web3 community is excited about what is essentially STEPN 2.0, something FSL co-founder Yawn hinted at almost a year ago in Japan, parts of the existing STEPN community are up in arms.

STEPN GO — Thrilling AND Terrifying?

The major concern is that the new app will lead to the slow demise of the current STEPN app — now referred to as STEPN OG — as development efforts might shift to STEPN GO.

This could diminish the value of STEPN NFT assets, which players have invested significant capital, energy and time in building.

As a result, the pitchforks have come out on X and Discord.