Cryptocurrency Passive Income on the Binance Smart Chain

What are the top DeFi projects on this “ethereum killer” blockchain?

Col Jung
11 min readJun 20, 2021


Image source: Cryptoslate.

In 2021, the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) established itself as the premier blockchain for high-rewards staking and low gas fees. This double-whammy has generated great excitement among passive income crypto investors.

In this article, we’ll do a mathematical deep dive of some top passive income protocols on the BSC. These shall include single-token staking stables like CAKE (110% APY) and BUNNY (225%), along with some even-higher returning dual-token staking LPs like HOTCROSS-BNB (849%) and the ridiculous WINGS-BNB (12,000%+). For reference, the staple passive income vehicle of the stock market are dividend shares, which return 1–10% per year.

This is Part II of a series looking at high-compounding assets focusing on crypto investors. Today we’ll focus on auto-compound staking, where returns are given as APYs (annual percentage yield).

Part I is here for those who missed it.

A set of accompanying YouTube videos are here.

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There are three aims of this article:

  • Compare returns between different staked tokens on the BSC of varying reputation and risk;
  • Work out the daily return of a project given an APY so you know your short-term cashflow; and
  • Assess when APY is the best metric for measuring passive income
Diagram created using Python and Adobe Illustrator. See technical details at end of article.

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Calculating Daily Returns from APY