What’s the Deal with Cryptocurrencies?

And is it too late to join the party?

Col Jung
18 min readApr 18, 2021
Source: “Elon Musk says Bitcoin Better than Cash” — Somagnews (Fair Use)

Not at all. Actually, you’re early!

I’ve discussed this at length on YouTube.

Less than two percent of the world own cryptocurrencies. This nascency in adoption is a main reason individuals can make so much money in this space right now. Call it first mover’s advantage.

Early crypto adopters have faced a high barrier of entry navigating the space. It can take a certain degree of finance and tech savvy — with a healthy dose of suspicion for government tomfoolery — to get involved.

As a technology, blockchain — and associated cryptocurrencies that lubricate their networks — form part of the next generation of disruptive technologies terraforming finance, governance and the internet towards decentralisation. Think decentralised finance (DeFi), decentralised autonomous organisations (DAO) and Web 3.0.

As a political ideal, blockchain and cryptocurrency enable a decentralised world that gives economic power back to ordinary people. Traditional banks and large corporations will be disrupted. Governments and central banks will find their power under threat.

In this article I’ll explain the need for crypto, why its price is exploding, and where to buy them — from bitcoin