Solana (SOL) Staking & Passive Income Guide — 2022 Guide

Best APYs and Top Platforms Compared!

Col Jung


Solana and Cardano are arguably Ethereum’s deadliest competitors.

Solana’s blistering-fast throughout of 720,000+ transactions per second threatens to disrupt high-frequency Wall Street systems with a faster and decentralised order book. Meanwhile, Cardano is the crypto industry’s most prolific science coin.

Both chains share a common trait — neither are EVM-compatible. Built from the ground up, Solana and Cardano hold the conviction their technologies can leapfrog the current de facto smart contracts leader.

As a result, both SOL and ADA attract a strong retail and institutional investor base keen to grow and HODL their bags.

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In this article, I’m going to compare the different ways to earn a good yield on your hard-earned SOL.

Summary of passive income sources for SOL

This includes delegating your stake from popular Web3 wallets like Phantom with one of Solana’s 1,600 validators. You own your private keys and…