How I Made $1,000 a Month as a Hobbyist Writer on Medium

Quality over Quantity

Col Jung


If I can do it juggling two jobs and a PhD, so can you! Image by author

It took a three years, but I finally did it:

I cracked the $1,000 mark.

What’s surprising is that I hit the milestone by publishing less than two stories per month on average over three years.

So even casual or hobbyist writers can make it.

Earnings in July 2023

I generally write about 5 topics:

  1. Enterprise data. How does data work at large companies?
  2. Projects. How to get your hands dirty in machine learning & python?
  3. AI Guides. Easy-to-understand guides with wide appeal.
  4. Crypto & Web3. Readership goes to the moon during bull markets, heh!
  5. Disaster deep-dives. One for those with a macabre interest.

Most articles have common mission:

Simplify complex ideas and make them accessible to everyone.

My stories written using a mixture of formal and colloquial language (pacing), leverage infographics (catchy), are evergreen in nature (longevity) and are good enough to make it into top publications (marketing).

Medium’s algorithms and Google SEO does the rest.

Let the passive income flow! (Most of the time…)

Evergreen: My first deep-dive story from 3 years ago continues to retain relevancy and readership

In this article, I’ll go through my Top 3 Tips.

Tip 1— Ally with the Algorithm

Before September 2022, Medium writers were obsessed with having their stories being Chosen for Further Distribution.

That included me.

I’d meticulously craft an article and anxious await to see whether I’d see those magic four words that would allow me to chillax for the rest of the day.

Yes, it mattered that much.