The Secret Sauce Behind Financial Independence

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Albert Einstein is reputed to have said:

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it — he who doesn’t, pays it.”

Appreciating the life-changing power of compound interest can transform your life, whether you’re scaling your startup or investing for financial independence.


Define your own rules or let the data do the talking?

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Let’s compare and contrast differential equations (DE) to data-driven approaches like machine learning (ML).

In a nutshell — albeit with caveats — they can be thought of different approaches to modelling various phenomena. Do you make the rules? Or should you let your juicy data learn the rules for you?

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide & Top Tips


In’s recent — and very expensive — advertisement directed by Academy Award-winner Wally Pfister, we saw Matt Damon reminisce through a list of human achievements before delivering the punchline:

“Fortune favours the brave.”

The ad raised many eyebrows. What does any of this have to do with crypto?


Anyone can become a crypto venture capitalist!

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Edit: My YouTube video for this article is here.

Investing in stock market startups holds a high barrier of entry.

One is typically a rich, skilled and well-connected angel investor or venture capitalist.

In the crypto world — where technology is decentralised and opportunities democratised — ordinary folk like you…

Can you really gamble to win?

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Edit: My YouTube video for this article is here.

Mass retail interest in memecoins has returned.

Attracted by the possibility of lucrative profits over a short amount of time, speculators are pouring into a smorgasbord of low-cap memecoins in the hope of getting rich quick.

Let’s explore just how high…

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